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Our services

Our company makes the production and installation of the following automation system elements …

[block style=”style2″ title=”Turnkey Greenhouses” image=”6199″]All your projects; is designed and planned with our expert staff and delivered at the committed time. We offer the most suitable solution for your demands with our professional working understanding and experience.[/block]
[block style=”style2″ title=”Modern Greenhouse Systems” link=”#” image=”6200″ btn_text=”Start This Diet”]In today’s technology, it is an indispensable element of the modern greenhouses of year-round production with soilless agriculture, which is quite a party to the base compared to traditional greenhouse cultivation.[/block]
[block style=”style2″ title=”Greenhouse Automation Systems” link=”#” image=”6202″ btn_text=”Start This Diet”]Automation system that ensures that all systems operate from a single center without error; According to the size of the greenhouse, we plan to control the growing process of plants separately.[/block]
[block style=”style2″ title=”Geothermal Heated Greenhouses” link=”#” image=”6310″ btn_text=”Start This Diet”]Geothermal energy is defined as hot water and steam, which is composed of heat accumulated at various depths of the earth’s crust, whose temperatures are constantly above the regional atmospheric average temperature and which may contain more molten minerals, various salts and gases than the normal underground and surface waters around it.[/block]
[block style=”style2″ title=”Greenhouse Design” link=”#” image=”6311″ btn_text=”Start This Diet”]Autar olarak profesyonel teknik ekibimiz ve mühendis kadromuz ile sera projelendirme hizmetleri sunuyoruz. Anahtar teslim sera kurulumu hizmetlerimiz de de ilk olarak metraj keşif çalışması ve sonrasında da proje aşamasına geçiyoruz.[/block]
[block style=”style2″ title=”Greenhouse Installation” image=”6312″]Professional greenhouses can only be a healthy project if they are installed under the supervision of highly experienced assembly teams and supervisors. With this awareness, we offer turnkey services with our assembly and supervisor teams.[/block]
[block style=”style2″ title=”Greenhouse Feasibility Report” link=”#” image=”6313″ btn_text=”Start This Diet”]As a road map for greenhouse investments, the greenhouse feasibility report which is an important factor in the planning stage of your investment is prepared professionally by our company.[/block]
[block style=”style2″ title=”Greenhouse Investment Consultancy” link=”#” image=”6314″ btn_text=”Start This Diet”]In order to get the best results from the existing land, comparative technical studies are carried out on the areas where greenhouse will be built. In these studies; The structure of the land is based on meteorological data, production conditions, demographic structure of the region, logistics and market conditions.[/block]
[block style=”style2″ title=”Greenhouse Heat Curtain Systems” image=”6315″]The most suitable curtain selection is made during the projecting phase. With the Push-Pull System, the heat curtains perform flawlessly.[/block]
[block style=”style2″ title=”Greenhouse Air Conditioning Systems” link=”#” image=”6316″ btn_text=”Start This Diet”]Taking into account the plants grown in the heating system or cooling system is applied. Air conditioning system is used in greenhouses to preserve indoor air and reduce cost.[/block]
[block style=”style2″ title=”Greenhouse Irrigation Systems” link=”#” image=”6317″ btn_text=”Start This Diet”]In greenhouses, there are frequent losses in yield and quality due to insufficient irrigation or inaccuracies in delivery. In order to ensure optimum plant growth and control, irrigation should be done in small amounts and frequently.[/block]
[block style=”style2″ title=”Greenhouse Heating Systems” image=”6318″]Autar has completed the installation phase with great precision by projecting the internal heating systems that it has undertaken with the technical teams after the heat and calorie calculations.[/block]